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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science that deals with the interaction or interconversion of electric and acoustic phenomena.

e·lec′tro·a·cous′tic adj.
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(Electronics) another word for acoustoelectronic
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1-2 (February-April 2018): Special issue on Electroacoustic Music in East Asia.
To set this year's event apart from the concerts in the past years, the organizer introduced electroacoustic elements, "inviting DJ Cookie to collaborate with pianist Rueibin Chen in the performance of music combining visual and audio extravagance," according to Taipei's Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT).
They present a fusion of the Electroacoustic and oriental music.
All three ran off with the instrument - a handcrafted Tanglewood Winterleaf electroacoustic guitar.
The rest of the festival programme will feature the Nieuw Ensemble from the Netherlands, the Chronos Ensemble from Cyprus, the Centre's electroacoustic music ensemble as well as the Dutch composer Joel Bons, who will present a series of lectures.
Music fans will also have an unique opportunity to turn everyday sounds into quadrophonic soundscapes in 'Electroacoustic workshops' under the capable guidance of Music PhD student Alex Bailey.
Delta Autumn's hip-hop, glitch, pop, rock, jazz and electroacoustic compositional techniques, with a tireless live and studio work ethos, are amongst the closest anyone comes.
Ireland's James Surgenor, who came first in the category of autonomous art electroacoustic music, is currently studying for a doctorate at Sheffield University.
After receiving a first class honours degree in music from King's College London in 2000 he went on to complete an MPhil in electroacoustic music at the University of Birmingham.
The festival finale on Sunday, February 21, is a sound installation by Flora and a concert by Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre.
Ana explores how robots are flexing their creative muscles - having her portrait done in a lifedrawing class of sketching robots, and talking to the electroacoustic musician Squarepusher about his recent collaboration with a robot band.

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