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n. electrocauterización, destrucción de tejidos por medio de una corriente eléctrica.
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Electrocauterization was also used to remove Epulis fissuratum with advantages of hemorrhage control and post-operative healing.
In this case, the nasopharynx was controlled for the remaining adenoid tissue, and, if necessary, recurettage and/or bipolar electrocauterization were performed.
Alternative treatments for pyogenic granulomas are as follows: silver nitrate, electrocauterization, laser applications, and plucking.
The effect of tubal sterilization with the Pomeroy technique and bipolar electrocauterization on the ovarian reserve and serum anti-Mullerian hormone levels in a rat model.
(5,6,7) Electrocauterization of loose conjunctival tissue is another non-surgical modality for the treatment of CCh.
Effects of pancreatic transection on POPF whether by using scalpel or electrocauterization have not shown a clear superiority.
Various endoscopic approaches have been reported, such as electrocauterization, endoloop application, or the encircling suture before evacuation of the conceptus [21].
The patients were randomly divided into three groups (random sorting through a computerized list of patients), each of them employing a different means of hemostasis: in Group-I, classic surgical procedures were used to achieve hemostasis (ligatures and bipolar electrocauterization alone); in Group-II, oxidized regenerated cellulose patch (SurgicelA(r) cellulose-based hemostat 2.5x5 cm) was applied, whereas in Group-III, the fibrin-based hemostat (BeriplastA(r) P Combi-Set 1ml) was used.
Mutagenicity of smoke condensates induced by CO2-laser irradiation and electrocauterization. Mutat Res 1981;89:145-149.
The GCT curettage was done with a similar process including normal-appearing bone was seen after curettage, a high-speed burr was used to enlarge the cavity in 2 mm, and electrocauterization was used for the wall of cavity [Figure 2].{Figure 1}{Figure 2}