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n. Medicine
Therapeutic use of a high-frequency electric current to bring about the coagulation and destruction of tissue.
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- Curettage, Electrocautery, and Electrocoagulation Lesion Destruction, Base Year 5-Year Forecast, China
The cholecyst was stripped through electrocoagulation. The cystic duct was identified.
The project aims to investigate and provide a possible approach and technologies for water recycling by developing a feasible technology for wastewater treatment, using electrocoagulation technology for cheap and fast treatment of wastewater, along with Ozone gas
Summary: In the present study the removal of Acid red 1 (AR1), as a pollutant of contaminated waters, was investigated by the electrocoagulation method using a recirculating tubular reactor with punched anode.
(16) reported their retrospective study of videothoracoscopy bulla ablation using electrocoagulation, and that apical pleurectomy is a safe method for recurrence of PSP with a similar recurrence rate of 4.76%.
A left salpingectomy was performed using bipolar electrocoagulation to prevent massive hemorrhage and ischemic necrosis.
The right OAC was then submitted to coagulation and section with bipolar videolaparoscopic clamp with simultaneous coagulation and shearing (Powerblade[R]-WEM Equipamentos Eletronicos, Brazil), introduced through the optic's working channel and coupled to the electrocoagulation generator (40 watts).
Local management of XD includes cryotherapy, CO2 laser, dermabrasion, electrocoagulation, and intralesional steroid injection with variable responses.16 Surgery appears to give the best results for readily accessible lesions.
Radiofrequency devices typically are FDA 510(k)-cleared devices for nonspecific electrocoagulation and hemostasis for surgical procedures.