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 (fo͝ol′gyə-rāt′, -gə-, fŭl′-)
v. ful·gu·rat·ed, ful·gu·rat·ing, ful·gu·rates
To emit flashes of lightning.
1. To emit (light) in flashes.
2. Medicine To destroy (abnormal tissue, for example) by electric current.

[Latin fulgurāre, fulgurāt-, from fulgur, lightning; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

ful′gu·ra′tion n.
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(Surgery) surgery destruction of tissue by means of high-frequency (more than 10 000 per second) electric sparks
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n. fulgaración, uso de corriente eléctrica para destruir tejido vivo.
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Furthermore, giant xanthelasma; a xanthelasma that occupies the upper and lower palpebrarum may not be operable at all.2-4 Alternatives to surgical excision are; electrofulguration, chemical cautery and cryotherapy.
(2008) conducted a study using BerEP4 testing on 20 BCC specimens to ensure the edge of the incision has been free of BCC cells after curettage treatment and two cycles of electrofulguration. The test resulted in 5 BCC specimens (25%) being positive for remaining BCC cells [31].
Mohs surgery, curettage, electrofulguration, cryotherapy, and carbon dioxide laser are the alternative treatment methods.