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The production of electrical impulses by living tissues or organisms, such as the electric eel.

e·lec′tro·gen′ic adj.


(Biology) biology the production of electricity in the tissues of a living organism
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Furthermore, spike timing dependence originates in both molecular coincidence detection within classical long-term potentiation/Long-term depression (LTP/LTD) pathways (e.g., by NMDA receptors) and the temporal requirements for dendritic electrogenesis. Therefore, Hebbian STDP suggests that the unique benefits of spike timing dependence, while only one of many factors that oversee the plasticity of induction that influences synaptic activity, includes the incorporation of timing dependence, network stability, synaptic competition, sequence learning and prediction, all vital factors when analyzing the underlying mechanisms behind accelerated synaptic dysfunction [3].
These porin-cytochrome complexes are the key to allowing bacteria to interact with electronic devices, either to generate energy; develop living electrogenic biosensors, or directly grow the bacteria with electrical energy (electrogenesis).Currently, there are no structures available of these complexes, limiting our ability to utilise and adapt key structural components such as the cytochrome terminals.
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