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Of, relating to, or involving a combination of electric and hydraulic mechanisms.

e·lec′tro·hy·drau′li·cal·ly adv.
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In the four years to follow, various versions of the convertible with its electrohydraulically operated soft roof were produced at the MINI Plant Oxford in the guise of the MINI Cooper S Convertible, the MINI Cooper Convertible, and the MINI One Convertible.
Normal is the setting of choice as this car is more about having fun on the road and thanks to the fantastic electrohydraulically assisted steering you can certainly have any amount of it.
Normal is the setting of choice as this car is more about having fun on the road and, thanks to the electrohydraulically assisted steering, you can have any amount of it.
The gearbox is constituted of several planetary gear trains connected together via electrohydraulically controlled brakes and clutches which are used to select the gear.
Fuel consumption is down on the new models and they are the first Porsche production cars to boast PDK transmission in which seven gears shift electrohydraulically without any interruption to traction, power and pulling force.
Some specific topics examined include the interaction between the road surface, tire, and brake; mechatronic systems; electrically, electrohydraulically, electromechanically, and actuated braking systems; and vibration and noise.
Implements can be driven off the PTO, which is electrohydraulically activated by a multi wet disc clutch with a selectable soft-start PTO.
However, in railway braking systems, the actuation is electropneumatic while an automotive ABS typically is electrohydraulically actuated.