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A flow of intense electric current that moves from west to east in the ionosphere above the earth's magnetic equator.


(General Physics) a narrow belt of fast-moving ions in the ionosphere, under the influence of the earth's magnetic field, causing auroral displays


(ɪˈlɛk trəˌdʒɛt)

a current of ions in the upper atmosphere that moves with respect to the surface of the earth and causes various auroral phenomena.
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Every product, from our Polaris Popular immersion heaters, Nautilus, Jet Stream and Electrojet heat exchangers to our Tankmaster Temperature & Liquid Level Controllers, undergo thorough testing before leaving our Sandhurst factory.
The key to these newly discovered events is the equatorial electrojet (EEJ), a narrow flow of current that winds along the equator approximately 60 miles (100 kilometers) above Earth's surface in the ionosphere.
Field-aligned current flow associated with intrusion of the substorm-intensified westward electrojet into the evening sector.
Hall 2 will feature fibre technologies and leading companies like Murata-Muratec, Electrojet, SML, LMW, Milhan Makine, Murata, Oerlikon Group, Superba, Power-Heat-Seat, Starlinger, Graf, Fadis, Savio, LohiaStarlinger, Agteks, Uster, Milhan, Huzur Makina, etc.
Los indices de actividad geomagnetica Dst, SYM-H (indice analogo a Dst) y el indice de Electrojet auroral AE han sido obtenidos a partir del WDC para Geomagnetismo en Kyoto, Japon (http://swdcwww.
A surge in the ring current jolts the electrojet and may also push it to lower latitudes.
Products include Polaris electric imineision heaters, NAUTILUS tank heater and coolei; ELECTROJET and JET-STREAM external systems.
The Toyota JAT 710 weaving machines from Japan are installed with LT 2 overhead cleaners from ElectroJet with accessories from Staubli and Grob Horgen.
Swept around by the planet's magnetic field, these triatomic ions form the bulk of the circulating electrojet stream.
BEIJING & AUSTIN, Texas -- Freescale Semiconductor is providing microcontroller (MCU) technology for ElectroJet Inc.
The ElectroJet external tank heater is designed to heat tanks containing corrosive liquids without causing an obstruction.