electroless plating

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e·lec·tro·less plating

Any of various metal-plating techniques, with numerous applications, that use chemical interactions rather than an electric current to cause a metal coating to adhere to a surface. Also called autocatalytic plating, chemical plating.
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Abstract: In this work, the authors propose a multifunctional additive manufacturing solution that integrates dual-material fused deposition modeling 3-D printing and selective electroless plating. Nickel alloy film can be selectively plated on 3-D printed free-form plastic structures.
After electroless plating for 40 min, the PIs were electroplated with copper at room temperature with a current density of 0.03 A/[cm.sup.2] for 1 h.
In the electroless plating process, the carbon fibers would be soaked into a plating solution containing molten salt to absorb the [Ni.sup.2+] ions.
Feng, "Electroless plating Ni induced crystallization of amorphous silicon thin films," Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, vol.
The catalyst is immersed in a electroless plating solution(*3) with whatever metal that has been selected for the specific application to form fine electronic circuitry patterns made of various metals with a wire width of 5 um (a micrometer is one-millionth of a meter).
It is commonly achieved through the electroless plating process.
Areas of Business: Electro, electroless plating and equipment/technology development, technology consulting, import/export and sales of related product materials
The electroless plating of silver were carried out in a glass beaker containing 15 [cm.sup.3] ionic liquids at room temperature (typically 25~30[degrees]C) onto copper (50 x 10 x 0.2 [mm.sup.3]) or mild steel (50 x 10 x 0.2 [mm.sup.3]) substrates.
LDS involves molding a special additive into the plastic, which is activated by a laser beam so that when the plastic is subsequently exposed to an electroless plating bath, the metal adheres only to the activated additive.
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The 58 papers consider such topics as fabricating carbon-nanotube-reinforced boron carbide composite by hot-pressing following extrusion molding, the effect of pH on the microstructure and purity of copper-coated tungsten composite powders prepared by electroless plating, the in situ observation of diamagnetic fluid flow in high magnetic fields, modifying the surface of silicon carbide powder with silica coating by rotary chemical vapor deposition, and synthesizing and characterizing dense mesoporous alumina.