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At the UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, the Societe Anonyme's eclectic inaugural exhibition was recreated, not only by assembling many of the objects that were shown in 1920 (including a portrait by Vincent van Gogh; Dada works produced in the teens by Francis Picabia, Man Ray, and Morton Livingston Schamberg; Joseph Stella's Brooklyn Bridge of 1918-20; and a large, expressionistic painting of nude women, titled The Island of Peace, 1918-19, by a now little-known German artist named Heinrich Johann Vogeler) but also by approximating the original installation, designed by Duchamp, in which white oilcloth was applied to the walls, electrolier lights were contributed by Man Ray, and the floor was covered with gray, ribbed rubber.
The red-shaded electrolier burned in the dining room, casting a cold, wintry glow over the lower areas of the dark walls, and on the carpets.