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1. Direct conversion of electric energy to light by a solid phosphor subjected to an alternating electric field.
2. Emission of light caused by electric discharge in a gas.

e·lec′tro·lu′mi·nes′cent adj.
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(Chemistry) physics
a. the emission of light by a phosphor when activated by an alternating field or by a gas when activated by an electric discharge
b. the light emitted by this process
eˌlectroˌlumiˈnescent adj
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(ɪˌlɛk troʊˌlu məˈnɛs əns)

luminescence produced when an alternating current actuates a dielectric phosphor.
e•lec`tro•lu`mi•nes′cent, adj.
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The mobile facility combines an A + A + A solar simulator with a high-resolution electroluminescence test system according to IEC 60904-9.
For more specific tests on solar modules, such as by electroluminescence or with lasers for power measurement, system components must be removed and examined in more detail in mobile or stationary laboratories.
For example, he is a co-inventor of conjugated polymer electroluminescence and co-founder of Cambridge Display Technology Ltd.
To start off, an LED - light-emitting diode - uses electroluminescence, which is the concept of a material lighting up in response to electricity flowing into it.
While liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have long dominated the FPD market, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, which work on the principle of organic electroluminescence (EL), are becoming more and more popular.
New technologies expected to reduce thickness, increase flexibility, and enhance image quality for touch panels and organic electroluminescence displays
The sensitivity of both sensors also extends into the near-infrared range and thus positions them as a good alternative to higher priced, dedicated NIR sensors in applications where low sensitivity in the NIR range is sufficient, such as electroluminescence inspection or in traffic and security applications.
The regular degradation patterns of the thermographic and electroluminescence (EL) images for the PID-affected module string were revealed.
Atabaev et al., "Diffusion and electroluminescence studies of low temperature diffusion of boron in 3C-SiC," Materials Science Forum, vol.
A recoiling xenon nucleus causes a flash of scintillation light, liberating a charge that causes electroluminescence when extracted from liquid into xenon gas.
It was shown that such breakdown sites can be revealed by reverse-bias electroluminescence (EL) [5-10] and their classification was carried out [6, 11].