electromagnetic force

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electromagnetic force

The force exerted by the electromagnetic interaction of electrically charged or magnetically polarized particles or bodies.
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e·lec·tro·mag·net·ic force

The force arising from the attractions and repulsions associated with electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic force is one of the four basic forces in nature, being weaker than the strong nuclear force but stronger than the weak force and gravity.
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where [u.sub.v] = [U.sub.m] sin(2[pi]ft) is the supply voltage of the LM winding; [U.sub.m] is the supply voltage amplitude; iv is the LM stator current; [K.sub.Ev] is the coefficient of the EMF of the LM; [F.sub.ev]([i.sub.v]) = [K.sub.Fv][i.sub.v] is the LM electromagnetic force; [K.sub.Fv] is the coefficient of the electromagnetic force.
First, to ensure a constant electromagnetic force with plunger strokes, the electromagnetic component of the linear control solenoid valve was improved.
The key factors of electromagnetic force of the solenoid valve were researched by Liu et al.
The electromagnetic proportional directional control valve drives the control valve core mainly by the electromagnetic force between the electromagnet coil and the armature.
In research on the static electromagnetic force of the HSV, most scholars used the finite element method (FEM).
Because electromagnetic force does most of the work in applying the magnetic attractions, permanent magnets operate more efficiently with smaller components.
Where, M is the mass of the piston assembly, x is the moving parts' displacement, [F.sub.M] is the electromagnetic force supplied by the linear motor, [S.sub.p] is the cross-sectional area of piston, p is the in-cylinder gas pressure, and the subscripts r and l represent the values of in-cylinder gas pressure for the right cylinder and left cylinder, [F.sub.f] As the friction force.
Standard features on the C3572 include reliable and accurate METTLER TOLEDO EMFR (Electromagnetic Force Restoration) Weigh Cell Technology, a stainless steel easy-to-clean open frame and a conveyor support structure of four solid tubes.
ME-T balances come standard with the company's "electromagnetic force compensation" weighing cell and overload protection to ensure solid performance and reliable results.
The invention can be used in trains, he continued, converts electrical energy into electromagnetic force that can move the trains and elevate it from the ground.

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