electromagnetic induction

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elec′tromagnet′ic induc′tion

the induction of an electromotive force by the motion of a conductor across, or by a change in magnetic flux in, a magnetic field.
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The wireless ECG sensor is a power supply method by the wireless power transmission through electromagnetic induction between a pair of coils.
Xu et al., "Model of electrical activity in cardiac tissue under electromagnetic induction," Scientific Reports, vol.
A gyro sensor is used to measure the eyelids' tilt and it uses electromagnetic induction to receive power.
It was Michael Faraday, the self-taught, bookbinder-turned-scientist, who discovered the generation of electricity by a process called electromagnetic induction in 1831 - by accident; it is this basic method that is still used today in any electricity generator, be it hydroelectric, nuclear, thermal, wind or tidal, despite it has a history of over 185 years.
It uses electromagnetic induction and utilizes 82% of the heat transferred to the pan unlike gas stoves which wastes 64% of heat during cooking.
In the present study, it is intended the dynamically control the mold temperature using electromagnetic induction. This is because the temperature is probably one of the most important parameters in polymer processing.
Dang YP, Dalai RC, Pringle MJ, Biggs AJW, Darr S, Sauer B, Moss J, Payne J, Orange D (2011) Electromagnetic induction sensing of soil identifies constraints to the crop yields of north-eastern Australia.
Among the topics are preparing graphene by liquid phase ultrasonic exfoliation and anti-friction performance in water, electromagnetic induction heating bonding between carbon nanotubes and metal electrodes, the ultra-precision machining of an off-axis convex ellipsoidal surface using two different accurate spiral tool paths, the miniature stress test of miniature components based on piezoresistive stress sensors test circuit, error compensation technology of a semi-strapdown MEMS inertial measurement system, and the kinematic analysis of micro end grinding assisted by ultrasonic vibration.
There are several major methods used to transfer the power without wires such as electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic radiation and electro conduction.
The archaeologists' team examined the area using electromagnetic induction (EMI) sensor.
The detection of brain oedema with frequency-dependent phase shift electromagnetic induction. Physiol Meas 2006; 27: 539-552, doi: 10.1088/ 0967-3334/27/6/007.
The phenomenon of electromagnetic induction (Faraday's law) is described by the magnetic flux variation that is symmetrically corresponding to the electrical flux variation.

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