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Relating to a mechanical device or system that is actuated or controlled by electricity.


(Electrical Engineering) of, relating to, or concerning an electrically operated mechanical device
eˌlectromeˈchanically adv


(ɪˌlɛk troʊ məˈkæn ɪ kəl)

of or pertaining to mechanical devices or systems electrically actuated.
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Adj.1.electromechanical - of or relating to or involving an electrically operated mechanical device


[ɪˌlektrəʊmɪˈkænɪkəl] ADJelectromecánico
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However, no specific medical test can detect the cardiac electromechanical coupling efficiency.
To facilitate the acquisition, the company said NEC Tokin agreed to sell its EMD division (electromechanical devices) to special-purpose entity NTJ Holdings Ltd., owned by funds managed or operated by Japan Industrial Partners, Inc., for approximately JPY 48.2bn (USD 422m).
Department of Labor reports that most electromechanical technicians work for larger manufacturing companies or engineering firms.
The new electromechanical SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switches from Fairview Microwave utilize compact surface mount packages and are designed for high-rel performance rated for 2 million life cycles minimum.
Conference of Hydrodynamic Electromechanical Control Engineering (17th: 2014: Lhasa City, Tibet) Edited by Zhu Xincai, Jiang Jihai, Yuan Ruibo, Peng Xi, and He Jieling
For instance, to focus on its core competency of system design, Evoqua Water Technologies domestically outsourced a junction box electromechanical assembly and wire harness to power its line of industrial water purification modules, according to Rahoul Bhagat, Engineering and Quality Assurance Manager at its Lowell, Mass.
To secure the permit the pool must be cleared by the municipality's health service and the state's electromechanical services.
In that release, the agency "discouraged" use of laparoscopic electromechanical power morcellation.
SKF (STO: SKFB) (Pink Sheets: SKFRY) (LSE: SKFB), a global supplier of bearings, announced today that it has been selected by ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH to customise and supply 30 electromechanical actuators for use in the continuous casting of steel.
Al Sabbah Electromechanical, or ASEM, received the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award in the Gold category.

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