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Noun1.electron accelerator - collider that consists of an accelerator that collides electrons and positrons
collider - an accelerator in which two beams of particles are forced to collide head on
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At a fixed voltage of the electron accelerator, the technological dose of irradiation is directly proportional to the current of the electron beam and inversely proportional to the transmission speed of the cable under this beam [5]: D = 120 x I x N / LV, Mrad, where I is the electron beam current (mA), N is the number of wire passes under the electron beam, L is the length of the beam scan perpendicular to the direction of the workpiece pulling, V is the velocity of the passage under the electron beam (m/min).
Recently, the photoproduction of [eta] mesons from quasi-free protons and neutrons was measured in [eta] [right arrow] 3[[pi].sup.0] [right arrow] 6[gamma] decay mode by the CBELSA/TAPS detector at the electron accelerator ELSA in Bonn [9].
VESPER (Very Energetic Electron Facility for Space Planetary Exploration Missions in Harsh Radiative Environments) which is a part of the CERN Linear Electron Accelerator for Research (CLEAR) facility is a "high-energy electron beam line used for radiation testing and suitable for characterizing electronic components for operation in Jupiter's environment," said the release.
FLUKA is a general purpose tool for calculations of particle transport and interactions with matter, covering an extended range of applications spanning from proton and electron accelerator shielding to target design, calorimetry, activation, dosimetry, detector design, accelerator driven systems, cosmic rays, neutrino physics and radiation therapy.
(1962) Proposal for an electron accelerator using an optical maser.
AREAL (Advanced Research Electron Accelerator Laboratory) is the laser driven RF gun based on 20 MeV electron linear
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled a home-made industrial electron accelerator in a ceremony here in Tehran on Tuesday.
Besides, Ahmadinejad unveiled an industrial electron accelerator during a ceremony in Tehran on Tuesday, semi-official Fars news agency reported.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued on Tuesday the order to launch Shahid Rezaeinejad yellowcake production plant and Saghand uranium mines in Ardakan as well as the country's first industrial electron accelerator in the city of Taft.
Tolok was an active research scientist and then the leader at Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT) (now the National Science Center KIPT), where he worked on the construction and operation of linear accelerators of protons and electrons, becoming, in 1955, head of the group for development of the electron accelerator LUE-5.
SAIC's basic CAARS system uses an electron accelerator developed by Accuray Corporation.