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Adj.1.electron microscopic - of or relating to or involving an electron microscope
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Our light and electron microscopic observations of WAS group showed a reduction of the GAG layer, decrease of uroplakin-ir density, leaky tight juntions, desquamation and ulceration at the apical surface.
As the world becomes more and more difficult for migrants, tariff wars become the order of the day and the international flows of money are placed under electron microscopic watch, return migration flows cannot be entirely ruled out.
The first of the papers in this special issue entitled "Scanning electron microscopic aids for identification of larval and post-larval bivalves" represents a realization of that 45-year-old vision of several of the authors who are still alive, as well as a number of our dear colleagues who are sadly no longer with us and arc sorely missed, but who join us as authors on this work which would never have materialized were it not for them.
Caption: Shown here is an electron microscopic image of chikungunya virus particles.
Caption: Left: Digitally colorized scanning electron microscopic image of a flea.
solani on the basis of morphological development, transmission electron microscopic observation and physiological change.
The electron microscopic basis of the pathology of leprosy.
Mature and active weevils were selected for electron microscopic specimen preparation.
Electron microscopic studies show prominent granular elements in the cytoplasm and well formed to poorly formed desmosomal junctions.
Thus, transmission electron microscopic (TEM) analysis is thought to be the most reliable and valuable, although extremely laborious, method of morphological identification of HPCs and its various cell types [14, 22, 24-26].

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