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Adj.1.electron microscopic - of or relating to or involving an electron microscope
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Caption: Left: Digitally colorized scanning electron microscopic image of a flea.
Moreover, the optical microscopic and transmission electron microscopic observation revealed that the fungal mycelia are sparse with a loose structure, mitochondrial nule3mber, and morphological characteristics of camptothecin-treated R.
Working in the laboratories of Florian Engert and Jeff Lichtman at Harvard University, Hildebrand sliced the front quarter of the zebrafish larva into more than 18,000 slices and then created electron microscopic images of these slices.
The electron microscopic basis of the pathology of leprosy.
Mature and active weevils were selected for electron microscopic specimen preparation.
Electron microscopic studies show prominent granular elements in the cytoplasm and well formed to poorly formed desmosomal junctions.
The heart tissues were harvested for hematoxylin and eosin staining and Masson trichrome staining to compare the extent of inflammatory cellular infiltration and fibrin deposition among groups and for scanning transmission electron microscopic examinations to see the ultrastructural changes after CME.
Light and electron microscopic examinations have revealed that administration of radiation caused degenerative changes on small intestinal tissue.
The final viral suspension that was obtained by purification was taken for electron microscopic studies.
The prepared acellular matrix of cornea was subjected for histological and scanning electron microscopic (SEM) examination.
Now the scanning electron microscopic examination was done using FEI Inspect F microscope (USA) in the lab.
Among their topics are the accurate determination of the position and shape of heavy-atom replacement groups in proteins, processing oscillation diffraction data for very large unit cells with an automatic convolution technique and profile fitting, the three-dimensional structure of canine parvovirus and its functional implications, combining electron microscopic with X-ray crystallographic structures, and structural changes of envelope proteins during alphavirus fusion.

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