electron microscopy

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Noun1.electron microscopy - microscopy with the use of electron microscopes
microscopy - research with the use of microscopes
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2 January 2018 - US-based life science company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has completed the acquisition of Dutch desktop scanning electron microscopy solutions specialist Phenom-World, the company said.
Electron microscopy--Having developed the first electron microscope in 1947, JEOL is not new to the "new" electron microscopy (EM) trend that emerged at Pittcon 2017.
The development of multicolor electron microscopy, presented Nov.
FEI designs, manufactures and supports high-performance electron microscopy workflows that provide images and information at micro-, nano- and picometer scales.
Niels de Jonge, head of the Innovative Electron Microscopy group at the INM.
Specialists in using electron microscopy to evaluate shale hydrocarbon reservoirs provide a practical reference to the practice for geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and students.
Use of in situ liquid systems with electrochemistry capabilities in electron microscopy increases the value of your microscope and provides quantifiable resolution, analysis and results.
The scientists described how 4-D scanning ultrafast electron microscopy and scanning transmission ultrafast electron microscopy overcome that limitation, and allow deeper insights into the innermost structure of materials.
Generally speaking, these techniques are similar to electron microscopy, but use different particles as the probing beam and detected species.
Cryoelectron microscopy can capture information that you cannot get with conventional electron microscopy.
Electron microscopy (EM) can also identify poxvirus particles (4,5).

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