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Noun1.electron shell - a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom; "the chemical properties of an atom are determined by the outermost electron shell"
group, grouping - any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
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When an electron from an inner atomic shell is displaced by colliding with a primary electron, it leaves a vacancy in that electron shell. In order to reestablish the proper balance in its orbitals following an ionization event, an electron from an outer shell of the atom may "fall" into the inner shell and replace the "hole" vacated by the displaced electron.
Rutherford within the framework of classical mechanics and electrodynamics planetary nuclear model of the atom, containing in the central part of the positively charged nucleus and around the periphery of a negatively charged electron shell of a sphere-like, had a significant and insurmountable flaw.
To stabilize the atom, electrons from the outer shells fall to the inner shells, giving off an x-ray whose energy is the difference between the two binding energies of the inner and outer electron shells. As each element has a unique combination of electron shell energy levels, the spectrum of emitted x-rays is characteristic of the elements contained in the sample.
After having passed a polarizer cube and a lambda-quarter-plate, the laser light is circularly polarized and is then absorbed by the metastable atoms; in this absorption-process, the angular momentum of the photon is transferred to the electron shell of the atom.
The final way, which to my eyes looks the least costly from the point of view of metaphysical and logical revision, retains Leibniz's and Locke's Principles by denying that when we have entangled or superposed states of "several distinct particles", whether fermions or bosons, we should speak of a plurality of individuals at all, but rather of a single novel individual whose properties are systematically related to those of potentially separately existing particles out of which it may have come into being or into which it may split.(6) A full electron shell would then be an individual with a moderately well delimited spatio-temporal locus, net charge of some multiple of -e, net momentum and spin and other measurable properties.
Therefore, we can assume that the protons of alpha-particles leaving the nucleus are associated with the second electron shell (the first one has only two electrons).
"Most materials are either ferromagnetic or ferroelectric based on the number of electrons in the ion's outer electron shell. Therefore, finding four multiferroic materials at one time is quite scientifically significant and opens numerous doors in terms of potential applications," he added.
Atoms naturally have a positive or negative charge, depending on the number of electrons in the outer electron shell.
In the study reported in PNAS, the researchers found that the clusters were stable because the surface gold atoms in the core each had at least one surface-chemical bond and the gold core exhibited a strong electron shell closing.

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