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Noun1.electronic balance - a balance that generates a current proportional to the displacement of the pan
balance - a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity
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com/research/x34qgv/global_laboratory) has announced the addition of the "Global Laboratory Electronic Balance Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.
The force output of the clasp endpoint of the actuator was gauged using a precision electronic balance (model: TE214S, Sartorius, Germany; readability: 0.
He emphasized that the central dumping site aims for safe disposal of solid waste and includes an electronic balance, engineering cell and a collection system for liquids and gases and other technical requirements.
Wii Fit is an electronic balance board that responds to players' movement and weight.
The company noted that the substitution of a standard ISO ship container to replace a custom-made enclosure and reduction of total parts count by 10 percent helped lower initial capital costs, while the mechanical balance of plant, electronic balance of plant and DFC modules are streamlined for post-sale servicing as the result of more accessible components.
The electronic balance has this rod held in position so that the pan does not move.
This way, every time you look at your electronic balance, you'll be able to see what money is coming out and when.
The Alliance/OHAUS Explorer Model E1RV72 Electronic Balance features an LCD display with seven alphanumeric characters, internal calibration (InCal), and automatic zero tracking.
When the excess coating is wiped away, the cup can be placed on an electronic balance to determine the weight of the coating per known volume, As with the Baume test, the coating must be homogeneous and with no air bubbles.
The line features a Hammermill drum former, Osprey dust filter, SAP with electronic balance, mechanical cutting stations, tension controls for nonwovens, polyester and tissue, new glue tanks and a vertical stacker.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1 Electronic balance (Imported) 3 Nos,2 Hot air oven (Imported)3Nos,3 UV Spectro photometer(visible) 2Nos,4 Biosafety cabinet 2Nos.
In addition to its core billing and payment services, Princeton eCom also offers electronic collection and one-time payment services as well as electronic balance transfer services.

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