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Noun1.electronic balance - a balance that generates a current proportional to the displacement of the pan
balance - a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity
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Both peristaltic and rotary piston dispensing systems are available to fill each container directly on an electronic balance to provide up to 100% in-process fill weight inspection.
[ClickPress, Mon Sep 08 2014] An electronic balance is an essential instrument for any modern science laboratory as it helps in the precise weighing of materials.
The company noted that the substitution of a standard ISO ship container to replace a custom-made enclosure and reduction of total parts count by 10 percent helped lower initial capital costs, while the mechanical balance of plant, electronic balance of plant and DFC modules are streamlined for post-sale servicing as the result of more accessible components.
The advantage of an electronic balance includes the elimination of mechanical stresses that occur in a moving balance, the measurement sensitivity is high, and obviously, the speed and ease of use.
This way, every time you look at your electronic balance, you'll be able to see what money is coming out and when." says Rosenberg.
These simple tasks will help maximize your measurement scheme and make the most of an electronic balance.
The Alliance/OHAUS Explorer Model E1RV72 Electronic Balance features an LCD display with seven alphanumeric characters, internal calibration (InCal), and automatic zero tracking.
When the excess coating is wiped away, the cup can be placed on an electronic balance to determine the weight of the coating per known volume, As with the Baume test, the coating must be homogeneous and with no air bubbles.
The hallmark of the arm is its electronic balance control.
The line features a Hammermill drum former, Osprey dust filter, SAP with electronic balance, mechanical cutting stations, tension controls for nonwovens, polyester and tissue, new glue tanks and a vertical stacker.
Shown in Table 1 is a copy of an analysis of an electronic balance scale which actually more closely fits GR&R but is also used for processes.

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