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Noun1.electronic communication - communication by computerelectronic communication - communication by computer    
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
data communication, digital communication - electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally (as for storage and processing by computers)
electronic mail, email, e-mail - (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in; "you cannot send packages by electronic mail"
electronic messaging, messaging - the sending and processing of e-mail by computer
command prompt, prompt - (computer science) a symbol that appears on the computer screen to indicate that the computer is ready to receive a command
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The new legislation The new law provides the following main provisions related to operators and electronic communication services.
Electronic communication archiving and compliance provider Erado has secured US Patent No.
com)-- Erado, an innovator in electronic communication compliance, announced today that it has expanded its embedded hyperlink compliance solution to include hyperlinks embedded in email, instant message, and SMS communications.
Illinois law makers amended sections 607 and 609 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, defining visitation and instructing courts on how to consider electronic communication when determining parental visitation rights.
Consistent with this policy, this bill permits a court, in connection with child custody proceedings, to order electronic communication between a parent and a child through telephones, e-mail, Web cams, and other technologies.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nonphysician staff in 10 primary care clinics initially were leery of giving patients the ability to e-mail their clinics, but they became more enthusiastic 6 months after using an electronic communication system, a study of 76 staff members found.
IF A CLIENT'S LOSS OF A CASE turns on the inadvertent disclosure of an electronic communication, the attorney and/or accountant could be sued for malpractice or subject to disciplinary proceedings.
Previous empirical findings from the computer-mediated communication research literature are consistent with media richness theory because they suggest that the use of electronic communication media is likely to have a negative impact on the success and outcome quality of process improvement groups.
An experienced Atlanta-based graphic artist sees a "crossroads of technology and creativity" in the effect of electronic communication and the Internet on design.
There's no question that electronic communication continues to grow in workplaces throughout the multifamily housing industry.
Increasingly aware of patients' interest in electronic communication, most hospitals and insurers and some physician practices have established websites, many of which allow direct electronic contact with their offices.

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