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Noun1.electronic dictionary - a machine-readable version of a standard dictionaryelectronic dictionary - a machine-readable version of a standard dictionary; organized alphabetically
lexical database - a database of information about words
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"We have created our own electronic dictionary of the Makaton signs we know.
The electronic dictionary mobile app could be created.
Keywords: digtal lexicography, electronic dictionary, online dictionary.
An electronic dictionary on a mobile device offers several advantages such as ease of access to translations, in-text translations and word pronunciation.
The tools include an intelligent web-based electronic dictionary, which will assist in understanding texts like web pages written in Plains Cree, a spell-checker that helps in writing Plains Cree texts, and a language training and education application that supports learners of Plains Cree.
Mobile English learning and handheld electronic dictionary
Unlike an electronic dictionary, a paper one gives you long pages of words all at once.
Comfort UI, a highly intuitive user interface.Beginning with standard features such as an advanced 5.0 megapixel camera capable of recording Hi-Vision movies and Fujitsu Mobile Integrated Dictionary +(2), a full-featured electronic dictionary that provides access to a total of 29 different dictionaries, this model offers a wide range of capabilities to satisfy customers looking to enjoy long-term, hassle-free use.
The Japan Electronic Dictionary Research Institute (EDR) electronic dictionary project and the Real World Computing project were established after the fifth-generation computer project.
The concept for electronic dictionary (ED) includes not only CD-ROM, DVD and internet dictionaries but also dictionaries "conceived to support the spelling, hyphenation and other functions integrated in text processing programs such as Word" (Bergenholtz and Tarp 2005: 7).
In Oxford, a core group of lexicographers reviewed, corrected, and edited the new electronic Dictionary; adding 5,000 new words and senses to 400,000 definitions previously expressed in 60,000,000 words.

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