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Noun1.electronic messaging - the sending and processing of e-mail by computerelectronic messaging - the sending and processing of e-mail by computer
electronic communication - communication by computer
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KUWAIT, Feb 23 (KUNA) -- Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah on Tuesday launched a new electronic messaging system at the Foreign Ministry in order to streamline communication between the ministry and its diplomatic missions abroad.
Electronic messaging services are provided by Descartes Global Logistics Network (GLN), which processes over 1bn electronic messages a year.
Stop twittering your time away with electronic messaging. The real way to get close to someone you care about remember, Valentine's Day is next month--is not by texting but via the Twitten.
The Open AXIS Group plans to promote a standardised XML (eXtensible Markup Language) schema as the optimal electronic messaging structure for airline system connectivity used in content distribution.
We have also been able to reduce mailings to AMHCA's leadership as we communicate with electronic messaging.
"The consent requirements will have a huge impact on how legitimate companies conduct their electronic messaging marketing," he says.
If not, you need to polish your texting skills because according to a Welsh linguistics expert regional accents are becoming an ever more prominent feature of electronic messaging.
Tactical Messenger is designed to address the requirement of STANAG 4406 Annex E, allowing electronic messaging in low bandwidth and high latency environments.
Advances in electronic messaging technology are radically changing the way people collaborate, and organizations must understand the business and legal implications of that.
Telford-based company mes-sagehub - in association with Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Microsoft - is hosting a conference designed to provide an insight into email and electronic messaging and the challenges that businesses are facing now and in the future.

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