electronic surveillance

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electronic surveillance

1. (Electrical Engineering) the use of such electronic devices as television monitors, video cameras, etc, to prevent burglary, shop lifting, break-ins, etc
2. (Electrical Engineering) monitoring events, conversations, etc, at a distance by electronic means, esp by such covert means as wiretapping or bugging
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electron′ic surveil′lance

the gathering of information by surreptitious use of electronic devices, as in crime detection or espionage.
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Noun1.electronic surveillance - surveillance by electronic means (e.g. television)electronic surveillance - surveillance by electronic means (e.g. television)
surveillance - close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)
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The application of electronic surveillance also helps convicted university students complete their studies.
Behzad said the electronic surveillance team of CCCP has been able to track counterfeits of more than 48 international brands, which primarily included bags, watches and phone accessories, in addition to perfumes, cosmetics, and clothing.
"Pharmacists can use electronic surveillance to track changes in culture results and ensure appropriate targeted therapy, downgrade the delivery from intravenous to oral therapy, and make other interventions that will help reduce the risk of C.
7111, or the proposed Foreign Electronic Surveillance Act, would cover foreign governments or
The Health division of Wolters Kluwer, a global provider of information and point of care solutions for the healthcare industry, has launched updates to its Sentri7 electronic surveillance solution, it was reported yesterday.
The electronic surveillance frequently is conducted with the assistance of internet and telecommunications companies.
In the announcement celebrating the launch of EHF, it said, "It is time to face the electronic surveillance, educate the mujahideen about the dangers of the Internet, and support them with the tools, directives and security explanations to protect their electronic security, so that they don't commit security mistakes that can lead to their bombardment and killing."
He added electronic surveillance had substituted physical barriers and done for security reasons.
Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance in America, 1862-1920
The draft law on electronic surveillance was discussed more than a year and the reports saying it was adopted over a week do not correspond to reality, he added.
Those participating in the day-long session will examine the future of Europol (the European agency that coordinates police cooperation), migration crises in the Mediterranean, fundamental rights in the age of internet and massive electronic surveillance, and the creation of a European public prosecutor's office and further judicial cooperation.
Australia's Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported Tuesday that the US was tapping telephones and monitoring communications networks from electronic surveillance facilities in its embassies and consulates across East and South-East Asia, including Jakarta.

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