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Noun1.electronics company - a company that makes and sells electronic instruments
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
electronics industry - the manufacturers of electronic products considered collectively
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In his welcome speech, Fadi Shbaro, country manager, eXtra (United Electronics Company), remarked, 'Sohar, in the North Batinah region, the second most densely populated governorate, is growing rapidly with the development of the Sohar Port, transforming it into a major Omani commercial hub.
Commenting on the agreement, Mohammed Jalal, CEO of the United Electronics Company eXtra, said: "We are thrilled to add Starz Play to eXtra's family of products and services, and highlight the role of the company which extends beyond product offerings to include solutions, services and content as well.
With its many exhibitions and impressive website, the United Electronics Company (eXtra) is considered as one of the biggest retail companies in the GCC.
Monroe Capital acted as sole lead arranger and administrative agent on the funding of a USD 50m asset-based facility to support the future growth of a consumer electronics company, the company said.
Dubai: Four men lost their appeal and will spend 3 years in jail each for breaking into an electronics company and stealing 131 electronic devices using a screwdriver and an iron scissor.
Karim Manssour-Dahbi, CEO, United Electronics Company (eXtra), said: "eXtra's pioneering approach to online shopping has played a major part in the company's enormous success over the last decade.
The electronics company expects to double its Qatari workforce over the next two years, with plans in the pipeline including a tram service, building solutions and smart grids.
In 2011, a global consumer electronics company and long-time ModusLink client requested assistance in reducing the amount of packaging material for its line of flash memory products, including USB and USB Mini devices, SD and Micro SD cards.
Qatar-based Al Meera Holding Company has partnered with Saudi's United Electronics Company (UEC) to set up a line of stores specialising in electronic equipment under the 'Extra" brand across the country.
Lahore -- Samsung Electronics Company Ltd., has launched a new online offer, whereby aspiring artists, models and actors are being given a chance to become a part of Samsung's next Advertising campaign.
Samsung Electronics Company Ltd., a global leader in Digital media and telecommunication technology has been featured as the most popular consumer-electronics company among the 5.8 million "facebook" users in Pakistan.

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