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A record of the results of an electrophoresis, such as a filter paper on which the components of a mixture are deposited as they migrate under the influence of an electric field.

[electrophoret(ic) + -gram.]
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The analysis of the acceptability based on inherent imprecision of both techniques in the rooster's data and the Wilcoxon's test results stress that the 2 methods cannot be considered to be identical, thus exposing the need for specific reference intervals for the correct interpretation of capillary electropherograms.
In this study by considering standard KSTI as a reference electropherogram and comparison of inferred results from different peaks with standard it is easy to recognize which peaks are related to KSTI and BBI according to immigration time and pick area under curve (figures 6).
Though there can be some overlap between the endogenous EPO isoforms and the rEPO isoforms on an electropherogram, it is usually quite clear from observing an electropherogram whether rEPO is present in a urine sample.
Mixed electropherograms suggestive of the presence of 2 or more HPV types at similar levels were identified in the remaining 12 anorectal cases.
SmartGene's technology provides an integrated suite of functionality for all steps in the laboratory following the creation of an electropherogram on a laboratory's sequencer of choice.
The first stage of the agreement will see technical development to automate the export of electropherogram data from Agilent's bioanalyzer Expert software for analysis with Nonlinear's TotalLab TL120 DM for the purpose of varietal identification.
Total glutathione in extracted probes of HT22 cells after glutamate treatment measured as extinction at 220 nm almost completely disappeared from the electropherogram (data not shown): GSSG after glutamate treatment (5mM, 20 h) was reduced to approximately 0.
This software controls the operation of the instrument and data analysis, giving researchers the flexibility to choose electropherogram and/or gel-view formats.
Three DNA fragments, visualized as peaks of approximately the same height in an electropherogram, or peak ratios of 2:1 and 1:2, are indications that the sample is in the trisomic range.