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1. The migration of charged colloidal particles or molecules through a stationary medium under the influence of an applied electric field usually provided by immersed electrodes. Also called cataphoresis.
2. A method of separating substances, especially proteins, and analyzing molecular structure based on the rate of movement of each component in a colloidal suspension while under the influence of an electric field.

e·lec′tro·pho·ret′ic (-rĕt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.electrophoretic - of or relating to electrophoresis
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Electrophoretic mobility ([[mu].sub.eo]) measured in pure solvents at 20[degrees]C and some physical parameters taken from the literature [14] for these solvents Solvent [[mu].sub.eo], [epsilon] [pK.sub.a] Viscosity, [m.sup.2] mPs [V.sup.-1] [s.sup.-1] [10.sup.-9] Acetone 8.9 20.56 32.50 0.33 Acetonitrile 20.5 35.90 35.00 0.34 DMF 3.3 36.71 28.00 0.80 DMSO 1.8 46.45 33.30 1.99 Ethanol 1.9 24.55 18.90 1.08 Methanol 3.2 32.66 17.20 0.55 Water 7.7 78.30 14.00 1.00 Propylene carbonate 4.2 64.92 n.d.
Short for "electrophoretic tags," eTags are small fluorescent molecules linked to nucleic acids or antibodies and are designed to bind one specific messenger RNA or protein, respectively.
The ability to measure and control fluid temperatures within lab-on-a-chip devices can be very important for efficient electrophoretic separations and for enzyme-activated reactions.
The proteins are separated by differences in their electrophoretic mobility, which allows the detection of monoclonal gammopathies.
It can take an hour to days for the pieces of DNA to traverse the electrophoretic gel and separate into bands according to their length.
(Boston, MA) has patented a method to sequence DNA having improvements over the existing DNA sequencing technologies such as high speed, high throughput, absence of electrophoresis and gel reading artifacts due to the complete absence of an electrophoretic step, and no costly reagents involving various substitutions with stable isotopes.
Classic car owners will have access to new car standard corrosion protection after Surface Processing Limited (SPL) announced it would be reintroducing electrophoretic or 'e-coating' rust prevention service.
This technique has been based on the mobility behavior of electrophoretic particles within a capillary tube with an internal diameter of approximately 100 micrometers between two electrodes by imposing high voltage, and it can help the identification of such structures.
The 31 papers include discussions of miniature ceramic antennas for wireless applications, piezoelectric thin film devices, oriented barium hexaferrite thick films prepared by electrophoretic deposition in a magnetic field, magnetic properties of cobalt and manganese oxide spinel ceramics, spin flexo-electricity and new aspects of micromagnetism, and the electric spin resonance of nickelate.