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A record of the results of an electrophoresis, such as a filter paper on which the components of a mixture are deposited as they migrate under the influence of an electric field.

[electrophoret(ic) + -gram.]
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Electrophoretic analysis of the PCR product of the test isolates after gene amplification revealed bands in the electrophoretogram, and this was positive for FOX-1 gene with a base pair size of 190 bp [Figure 3].
In view of the analysis time and resolution, the optimal capillary electrophoresis conditions were established: running buffer 35 mmol/L [H.sub.3]B[O.sub.3]-[Na.sub.2][B.sub.4][O.sub.7] (pH 8.8); separate voltage: 25 kV; operating temperature: 22[degrees]C; the detection wavelength: 275 nm; injection pressure: 0.5 psi; injection time: 4 s (electrophoretogram of stand solution was shown in Figure 6).
The quality of RNA extract was verified based on the generally used ratio of absorbance at 260/280 nm and 260/230 nm, and by electrophoretogram of the samples on 1% agarose gel.
Electrophoretogram of RNA and influence of L-Cys on the COII mRNA expression of the A549 cells damaged by acetaldehyde are shown in Figures 3(a), 3(b), and 3(c), respectively.
The electrophoretogram supporting cell line authentication is shown in Supplementary File 1.
Each sequence electrophoretogram is shown, with the actual sequence immediately below.
The electrophoretogram showed three different genotypes : Homozygous Pro198Leu (PP) (240 bp band), homozygous Pro198Leu (LL) (163 bp and 77 bp bands), and heterozygous Pro198Leu (PL) (240 bp, 163 bp, and 77 bp bands) [Figure 2].{Figure 2}
An example electrophoretogram from an agarose gel is shown in Figure 1.
The electrophoretogram of untreated pBR322 plasmid DNA shows two bands for form I and form II (Fig.
The patient's electrophoretogram was normal, and subsequent immunofixation was negative, which ruled out monoclonal gammopathy.
According to the bands in the electrophoretogram, the positions with the same migration rate on the gel and with DNA bands were recorded as "1," and those without DNA bands were recorded as "0." POPGENE 1.32 software [26]was used to calculatethe genetic parameters: (1) percentage of polymorphic loci (PPL); (2) number of alleles ([N.sub.a]) and number of effective alleles ([N.sub.e]); (3) expected heterozygosity ([H.sub.e]); (4) Shannon's Information Index (7).