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Noun1.electroplater - a plater who uses electrolysis
plater - a skilled worker who coats articles with a film of metal (usually silver or gold)
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The InterRoyal Mill in Connecticut and a former Electroplater property in New York are just two examples of former industrial sites receiving assessment funding.
Among these occupations are hairdresser, beautician, cleaner, electroplater, bar staff, dental assistant, confectionary maker, and book binder.
The former electroplater who has lived on the barge with his wife Maureen ever since the pair sold their Oxton home said he had reported the incident to the police.
Electroplater John, 44, of Livingston, said: "We have to go to Edinburgh to formally identify the body.
Besides, it can be a tedious business," the Telegraph quoted Croucher, a retired electroplater, as saying.
Process Technology for Copper Interconnect Process Equipment Polyimide coating Spin coater PI exposure and develop 1X stepper Barrier layer Sputter Copper seed layer Sputter Resist coating Spin coater Resist patterning 1X stepper Copper wire Electroplater Ni cap layer Electroplater Resist strip Resist stripper Metal self-align etch Wet etch Source: Megic Corp.
Specialist electroplater D Leonardt & Co has recently installed a new ISPC VacuBlast 'Ventus II 125SR' cabinet blasting machine, which has enabled it to develop and introduce innovative nickel and tin cobalt plated finishes and enhanced electroless nickel finishes.
CASE FACTS: Jimmie Davolt worked as an electroplater at Toastmaster in Macon, Missouri.
Electroplater Steve Tolin and canteen assistant Jane Roberts, who used to work at the Boat Inn in Newbold Road, Rugby, bought a house together in Alderman's Green, Coventry, last year but had never discussed marriage until Steve challenged Jane to take part in a radio competition.
Mr Burnett, who is a trainee electroplater, added: "People in the past have made claims to the heaviest spider but they were not weighed correctly and never made it into the Guinness Book of Records.
Known as the world's largest electroplater of plastics, the St.