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A process of applying a high-voltage electrical pulse to a living cell, causing temporary permeability of the cell membrane, through which a foreign material such as DNA may pass.

[electro- + poration, inducement of permeability of a cell membrane (pore + -ation).]
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abortus 2308 was electroporated with pOS and potential 2308 Iomp10 deletion mutant was isolated by its Ampr and sucrose phenotype.
Then, 200 [micro]L of the transfection mixture was added to a 2-mm gap electroporation cuvette and were electroporated with Eppendorf multioporator (400 V, 300 ps, one pulse).
A phase i double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study of the safety and immunogenicity of electroporated HIV DNA with or without interleukin 12 in prime-boost combinations with an Ad35 HIV vaccine in healthy HIV-seronegative African adults.
To transform competent P pastoris GS115 cells (Life Technologies Corporation) vectors were linearized with SalI and PmeI, respectively and electroporated using a Gene Pulser Xcell[TM] Electroporation System (Bio-Rad Laboratories) at 1400 V y 200 [OMEGA].
75) Then, the cited authors (75) investigated whether autophagic flux is increased during spontaneous HSC activation in vitro using fresh mouse HSCs electroporated with a plasmid harboring DsRed-GFP-LC3B.
Cells were electroporated in a 4 mm cuvette in an EPI2500 electroporator (Fischer, Heidelberg, Germany) at 370 V for 10 ms.
Procurement Lot 1 Freezer -80 C Lot 2 Electroporated Lot 3 Co2 Incubator O2 Lot 4 2D Electrophoresis, Sds-Page, Western Blot, Mecatim Lot 5 Static and Shaking Incubator
Following the electric shock, 2 nil of LB culture medium was immediately added to the electroporated cells followed by incubation for 1.
Plasmidial DNA from CRKP was obtained from alkaline lysis and it was electroporated into an Escherichia coli Top10 (Invitrogen).
dagger])OXA-48-type plasmids were electroporated into E.