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A process of applying a high-voltage electrical pulse to a living cell, causing temporary permeability of the cell membrane, through which a foreign material such as DNA may pass.

[electro- + poration, inducement of permeability of a cell membrane (pore + -ation).]
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sup][17],[18],[19],[20] U937-A/E-HA clone was obtained by electroporating an HA-tagged AML1-ETO cDNA subclone into a vector, which contains the ZN [sup]2+-inducible mouse MT-1 promoter, and then into U937 wild-type (WT) cells.
The CX1 systems utilize a single-channel electroporation head, while Cellectricon's CX3 System is capable of electroporating three separate wells in a 96-well plate in parallel or simultaneously electroporating three discrete regions in the dish.
The Arcelis platform is a proprietary process of electroporating mature dendritic cells with antigen-encoding RNA, as well as co-electroporating those DCs with messenger RNA for the T cell protein CD40L (PME-CD40L process), which drives the long-term, stable expansion of cytolytic, antigen-specific T cells that express the effector/memory phenotype.