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The study of the changes in flow properties that occur in certain fluids exposed to electric fields.

e·lec′tro·rhe′o·log′i·cal (-ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.


1. (General Physics) the study of the flow of fluids under the influence of electric fields
2. (General Physics) the way in which fluid flow is influenced by an electric field
eˌlectrorheoˈlogical adj
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The major components that comprise LBA are the following: magnetorheological fluid (MRF), shear thickening fluid, and electrorheological fluid.
The typical examples of equations stated in the variable exponent spaces are models of electrorheological fluids.
Yalcintas and Dai [6] analyzed the vibration control capabilities of adaptive structures made of electrorheological and magnetorheological materials, and compared their time responses and energy consumption rates.
The topics include the lubrication and wear protection of natural biological systems, marine bioadhesion on polymer surfaces and strategies for preventing it, gecko-inspired polymer adhesives, rubber friction in the context of tire traction, carbohydrates and their roles in biological recognition processes, and electrorheological and magnetorheological materials and mechanical properties.
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