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1. Of, relating to, or involving both electricity and heat.
2. Of or relating to the production of heat by electricity.

e·lec′tro·ther′mal·ly adv.


(ɪˌlɛktrəʊˈθɜːməl) or


(General Physics) concerned with both electricity and heat, esp the production of electricity by heat


(ɪˌlɛk troʊˈθɜr məl)

also e•lec`tro•ther′mic,

pertaining to both electricity and heat, esp. to the production of heat by electric current.
e•lec`tro•ther′mal•ly, adv.
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This report indicates that intradiscal electrothermal therapy can be performed at multiple levels at a single sitting, compared to intradiscal electrothermal therapy performed at one to two discs at a time, this approach may obviate the need for surgery and may reduce the duration of pain and disability incurred.
Here the contributors describe both traditional and new techniques in such topics as plasma generation, ion sampling, focusing, the functions of mass spectrometers, ion detection, calibration strategies and quality assurance, fundamentals and applications of liquid sample introduction and electrothermal vaporization, laser ablation ICP-MS, trace metal speciation with ICP-MS detection, collision and reaction cells, and clinical and other applications, such as emerging bioanalysis, geological analysis and semiconductor design.
Microwave-digested samples were analyzed for selenium by electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy (ET-AAS; Perkin-Elmer 5100 PC Atomic Absorption Spectrometer; method of standard additions) at the Ecochemistry Laboratory, Applied Ecology Research Group, University of Canberra, Australia (4).
Our aims in this study were to determine proximal-distal variability in adult human tibia lead concentration via electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) and to determine whether there were any differences between core and surface tibia lead concentrations.
Finally, in a second step of the design cycle, further optimizations of the circuit performance were achieved by fine-tuning critical elements based on the results of large-signal simulations with the electrothermal HBT model.
Full-wall warming technology distributes warmth through the use of an electrothermal cable array in the two sides and bottom.
Request for quotations : electronic auction for the purchase of an atomic absorption spectrometer with a combination of flame and electrothermal atomizers and a hydride attachment, complete with a set of spare parts and consumables, computer control
At the same time, the values of [q.sub.0], [[tau].sub.p] and [J.sub.a] determine the thermal energy released on the test element of the technical object, and accordingly its electrothermal resistibility to the lightning current.
Various instrumental methods, such as spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry [2], inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry [3], electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry [4], and flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) [5] are widely applied for determining trace amounts of Pb and Cd.
Yellow phosphorus, an elemental form of phosphorus is made from rock phosphate by electrothermal process.
This work details every aspect of resistance welding, from metallurgy and fundamental physical processes, such as electrothermal processes and discontinuities, to mechanical testing, process monitoring and control, weld quality and inspection, and numerical simulation.