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n. pl. el·e·gan·cies
Elegance or an instance of it.


(ˈɛl ɪ gəns)

1. elegant quality.
2. something elegant.
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Refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style:
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But yet, since princes will have such things, it is better they should be graced with elegancy, than daubed with cost.
In her last scene, at Maryland and Virginia, many pleasant things happened, which makes that part of her life very agreeable, but they are not told with the same elegancy as those accounted for by herself; so it is still to the more advantage that we break off here.
But he loves it for its elegancy, not for its austerity.
It's a combination of Hissa's taste of big full pieces and Jawaher's preference for elegancy and simplicity.
Therefore the elegancy, as well as the professionalism, has to be maintained while selecting the gift.
Emphatically, Coronado wonders how such a people--known for its fashion, elegancy, and refinement, as she explains in another entry--could produce such a creature.
O]ur English gardens are not so entertaining to the fancy as those in France and Italy, where we see a large extent of ground covered over with an agreeable mixture of garden and forest, which represent every where an artificial rudeness, much more charming than that neatness and elegancy which we meet with in those of our own country.
It was noticed that a few papers have in focus the elegancy and effectiveness of those methods applied to the everyday praxis.
There is no doubt they always give me the elegancy I constantly seek," she said.
That is to say, Liu Xie changed from the metaphysical requirement for sung--purity, nobility, authenticity--to the literary requirement of elegancy, grace, finesse, and artifice.