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1. Of, relating to, or being an element.
a. Fundamental or essential; basic.
b. Of or relating to fundamentals; elementary.
c. Constituting an integral part; inborn.
3. Of such character as to resemble a force of nature in power or effect: elemental violence.
In certain occult systems, an inhabitant of one of the four elements, especially any of the beings described by Paracelsus as intermediate in corporeality between humans and spirits.

el′e·men′tal·ly adv.
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CIMP-3D is developing a way to grade each material elementally, to avoid unwanted transitional phases when printing a new component.
The final note is one of expanded appreciation: "Maybe in time, as the animals get to know one another better, they may find that they may find that they are more alike than different from each other and may elementally begin to like one another.
The x-ray system was used frequently to elementally analyze both biological and non-biological specimens.
While scientific analysis of the pigments used in both paintings showed they were elementally identical, expert Dr Bruce Kaiser pointed out elemental analysis does not prove the same artist created both works.
The show can be simultaneously so aware of the specific issues relevant to the gay community and also elementally human with its concerns.
McCormack (2015: 87) writes that the body 'mediates the affects' of the elements but perhaps this could be taken on step further to understand the body not as a mediating entity but one that is itself an intrinsic actor in the earth's elementally.
Made from a top-quality FSC-certified pulp (FSC C009951) or PEFC (PEFC/0431-0688), phoenolux is produced exclusively using either totally chlorine-free or elementally chlorine-free bleaching processes.
To take that view is to get elementally wrong Coleridge's, in essence, Augustinian understanding of the will as inherently divided in ways of which human beings may in turn grow uniquely conscious.
These findings show that despite the fact that target and competitor cues were presented as part of a single stimulus, participants responded elementally with respect to each of the cues in the compound.
The game also features a variety of elementally aligned Traps with unique and interesting designs.
When we commiserate to make something that is explained by its elementally, by implementing a more highly abstract concept or formulation, we end up with some very fuzzy logic and decision-making or problem-solving.
Elementally, we found that despite silver being a major contributor to whisker growth, it is absolutely necessary to promote wetting.