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n. pl. el·e·mis
Any of various oily resins derived from certain tropical trees, especially Canarium luzonicum of the Philippines, and used in making varnishes, inks, and perfumes.

[Ultimately (via New Latin elemi and French èlèmi) from Arabic al-lāmī : al-, the + lāmī, elemi (of unknown origin).]


n, pl -mis
(Plants) any of various fragrant resins obtained from tropical trees, esp trees of the family Burseraceae: used in making varnishes, ointments, inks, etc
[C16: via Spanish from Arabic al-lāmi the elemi]


(ˈɛl ə mi)

n., pl. -mis.
any of various fragrant resins from certain trees, esp. Canarium commune, used chiefly in the manufacture of varnishes, lacquers, ointments, and in perfumery.
[1535–45; short for gum elemi < New Latin gummi elimī; compare Arabic allāmī the elemi]
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Noun1.elemi - fragrant resin obtain from trees of the family Burseraceae and used as incense
incense tree - any of various tropical trees of the family Burseraceae yielding fragrant gums or resins that are burned as incense
gum resin - a mixture of resin and gum
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