eleostearic acid

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Noun1.eleostearic acid - a crystalline unsaturated fatty acid
unsaturated fatty acid - a fatty acid whose carbon chain can absorb additional hydrogen atoms
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Other constituents of pomegranate seed oil are the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), linoleic acid (18:2n-6), oleic acid (18:1n-9), stearic acid (18:0), eleostearic acid (18:3 9c, 11t, 13t) and catalpic acid (18:3 9t, 11t, 13c) (Viuda-Martos et al., 2010).
The former is enriched in oleic acid (34.3-45.8%; 18:1), linoleic acid (29.0-44.2%; 18:2), palmitic acid (14.1-15.3%; 16:0) and stearic acid (3.7- 9.8%; 18:0), while the latter contains approximately 80% eleostearic acid, an unusual conjugated fatty acid.
CLA is an example of an anti-inflammatory compound in a pipeline of naturally occurring and synthetic compounds (e.g., abscisic acid, eleostearic acid, terephthalanilides) with tremendous therapeutic and prophylactic potential as anti-inflammatories," said Dr.