elephant's foot

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el·e·phant's foot

n. pl. elephant's foots
1. An African species of yam (Dioscorea elephantipes) having unusual clusters of tubers that grow above the ground.
2. Any of several plants of the genus Elephantopus in the composite family, having small purplish flowers and sometimes a basal rosette of large leaves.
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Or else Petersen Sahib will surely catch thee and make thee a wild hunter--a follower of elephant's foot tracks, a jungle bear.
Strictly dancers Aljaz and Janette inspect an elephant's foot
Teng, "A simple remedy for elephant's foot buckling in cylindrical silos and tanks," Advances in Structural Engineering, vol.
The so called Elephant's Foot is a solid mass made of melted nuclear fuel mixed with lots and lots of concrete, sand, and core sealing material that the fuel had melted through.
AFRIEND of mine in Wales recently contacted me to congratulate me about the publication of my poetry collection The Elephant's Foot. She said she was chuffed to see the person I had grown into and hoped that I was similarly chuffed with myself for what I had achieved in just a few years.
pad of an elephant's foot when we came out from the lacquered
These powers have trampled the Syrian opposition like worms beneath an elephant's foot, and the world is merely expected to laud and applaud this crime.
Spiny-tailed lizards scamper over the bulbous roots of 1,000-year-old elephant's foot plants, seeking shelter from an oncoming storm.
Also elephant's foot waste paper baskets - estimate PS300/PS400 each - and a mummified hand.
SCORCHED: Elephant's foot plants and, right, locals in a market in the central highlands of Madagascar where it is fashionable for men to wear a blanket over their shoulder
In the present study, large numbers of commonly found bacteria were isolated from elephant's foot affected with pododermatitis.
An operation to remove the tumour left it looking like "an elephant's foot" and she was left in agony and could barely walk let alone dance.