elevator man

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Noun1.elevator man - a man employed to operate an elevatorelevator man - a man employed to operate an elevator; "in England they call an elevator man a liftman"
elevator operator - an operator of an elevator
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Discontent ever since his father, a respected elevator man, was chosen for early disposal, Elgin's rebellious "horizontal tendencies" attract the attention of Quirt and Belfry, special agents of the IVT (Institute for Vertical Thinking) eager to apprehend him, most likely for delivery to the dreaded thirteenth floor.
There's even a humorous short piece by comic Lea DeLaria entitled "The Elevator Man," which opens with, "I am a hardnosed butch.
The elevator man opened the door and I exited the elevator to meet the factory boss.
I told him he would get in to trouble," the elevator man says.
The elevator man just told me some big shots in expensive suits were talking about buying United Corporation.