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 (ĕl′fĭsh) also elv·ish (ĕl′vĭsh)
1. Of or relating to elves.
2. Prankish; mischievous.

elf′ish·ly adv.
elf′ish·ness n.


(ˈɛlfɪʃ) or


of, relating to, or like an elf or elves; charmingly mischievous or sprightly; impish
(European Myth & Legend) the supposed language of elves
ˈelfishly, ˈelvishly adv
ˈelfishness, ˈelvishness n
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Adj.1.elfish - usually good-naturedly mischievous; "perpetrated a practical joke with elfin delight"; "elvish tricks"
playful - full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"


adjelfenhaft; (= mischievous)koboldhaft
References in classic literature ?
As they crept along, stooping low to discern the plant, a soft yellow gleam was reflected from the buttercups into their shaded faces, giving them an elfish, moonlit aspect, though the sun was pouring upon their backs in all the strength of noon.
In addition to these--and they were all on deck, chattering and piping in queer, almost elfish, falsetto voices--were the two white men, Captain Van Horn and his Danish mate, Borckman, making a total of seventy-nine souls.
Or, if not, thou strange and elfish child, whence didst thou come?
A mole throwing up its mound at the end of its burrow and making its way out at last with the long-nailed paws which looked so like elfish hands, had absorbed him one whole morning.
and then is my eye opened to the eternal picture which nature paints in the street, with moving men and children, beggars and fine ladies, draped in red and green and blue and gray; long-haired, grizzled, white-faced, black-faced, wrinkled, giant, dwarf, expanded, elfish,--capped and based by heaven, earth and sea.
The girl whose light fingers grasped me, whose elfish charming face looked into mine--who, I thought, was betraying an interest in my feelings that she would not have directly avowed,--this warm breathing presence again possessed my senses and imagination like a returning siren melody which had been overpowered for an instant by the roar of threatening waves.
This was rare, however, and the elfish freak was always short: sometimes when driven a little hard in the war of words--for her tongue did ample justice to the pith, the point, the delicacy of her native French, in which language she always attacked me--I used to turn upon her with my old decision, and arrest bodily the sprite that teased me.
He saw her daughter, Lady Margaret Graham, a pale and pretty girl with an elfish face and copper-coloured hair.
Some pretty off-brand content," suggests our spotter, as Santa shakes his thing in fake snow with his arm around an elfish assistant.
Noomi also had to learn an entirely new language: Elfish.
Fundraiser Colin Burgin-Plews, known for his trademark Big Pink Dress and on Saturday wearing an elfish red-and-green version, was joined by Steve Green of County Durham - dressed in a Santa costume - on a 13.
Fundraiser Colin Burgin-Plews, wearing an elfish red-and-green version instead of his trademark Big Pink Dress, was joined by Steve Green - dressed as Santa - on a 13.