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1. Qualified or entitled to be chosen: eligible to run for office; eligible for retirement.
2. Desirable and worthy of choice, especially for marriage: an eligible bachelor.
3. Football Allowed under the rules to catch a forward pass.
A person who is eligible.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin ēligibilis, from Latin ēligere, to select; see elect.]

el′i·gi·bil′i·ty n.
el′i·gi·bly adv.
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But we had repetitions of church and prayer-meetings; and so, of course, we were just as eligibly situated as we could have been any where.
Dixon, a young man, rich and agreeable, almost as soon as they were acquainted; and was eligibly and happily settled, while Jane Fairfax had yet her bread to earn.
I therefore, my love, take the opportunity afforded by this gratifying and impressive occasion of--ha--solemnly remarking, that it is now a cherished wish and purpose of mine to see you--ha--eligibly (I repeat eligibly) married.'
Crawford exactly what a young heated fancy imagines to be necessary for happiness, you resolve to refuse him at once, without wishing even for a little time to consider of it, a little more time for cool consideration, and for really examining your own inclinations; and are, in a wild fit of folly, throwing away from you such an opportunity of being settled in life, eligibly, honourably, nobly settled, as will, probably, never occur to you again.
I mean not all of them - some are eligibly qualified, I know some, but some others don't even know English" - @ hanah.pr.