elimination diet

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e·lim·i·na·tion di·et

n. dieta de eliminación, dieta reguladora del tipo de alimentos que el paciente debe ingerir después de detectar y eliminar ingredientes que pueden producirle una reacción alérgica.
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If you suspect you have problems with gluten, seek help from a gastroenterologist and dietician who can do the correct diagnostic tests and/or elimination diets.
Parents who suspect that one or more foods may be provoking atopic dermatitis flares in their child sometimes experiment with self-designed elimination diets. This approach poses a risk for malnutrition, especially if multiple common foods (eg, milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts) are eliminated for more than a brief interval.
Patients often try "elimination diets" based on blood tests that claim to identify foods that trigger their symptoms.
Cepo says the quest for symptom relief can make popular elimination diets more appealing, but points out that it's important to replace the nutrients lost by eliminating a food or food group, and allow enough time to know for sure if eliminating certain foods makes a difference.
He had spent hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, elimination diets, and every other remedy that was thrown at him.
Some dietitians utilize elimination diets in conjunction with food sensitivity tests to help identify food triggers in IBS.
For this purpose, both home-made elimination diets and hypoallergenic pet food are available, although the use of home-cooked diets should be considered whenever a dog fails to respond to dietary restriction (RICCI et al., 2013).
Elimination diets and challenges in the diagnosis of food allergy [7]
In extreme cases, sufferers who use elimination diets may make the mistake of replacing recommended therapeutic interventions--such as a bathing and moisturizing regimen, or medical treatments--with these diets.
1 Elimination diets. By that we mean doing away with whatever people think is bad for them from their food.
"The prevalence [of food allergy] has increased over the past 10 years, so we wanted to take another look in a bigger population to kind of reassess the impact of elimination diets on growth," he said.
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