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tr.v. e·lim·i·nat·ed, e·lim·i·nat·ing, e·lim·i·nates
1. To get rid of; remove: an effort to eliminate homelessness; eliminated his enemies.
a. To leave out or omit from consideration; reject: For now, let's eliminate from the discussion the possibility of failure.
b. To remove from consideration by defeating, as in a contest.
3. Mathematics To remove (an unknown quantity) by combining equations.
4. Physiology To excrete (bodily wastes).

[Latin ēlīmināre, ēlīmināt-, to banish : ē-, ex-, ex- + līmen, līmin-, threshold.]

e·lim′i·na′tion n.
e·lim′i·na′tive, e·lim′i·na·to′ry (-nə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·lim′i·na′tor n.
Synonyms: eliminate, eradicate, extirpate
These verbs mean to nullify someone as a factor or cause an activity or condition to come to an end, especially by using drastic methods: eliminated all opposition; eradicate guerrilla activity; policies that attempt to extirpate drug abuse.
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The local newspaper praised the doubling and the blocking of 'impressive and admirable' scenes, even as it observed that the drama required an 'eliminatory process' to downplay the more scatological and vitriolic lines, thus making it 'suitable for performance before a modern audience'.
In this connection a gathering was organized in Shaheed Abdul Azam higher secondary school no.1,Jamrud that was attended by CM,KP Mehmood Khan as chief guest beside Federal Minister Noorul Haq Qadri, Federal Minister for education Shafqat Mehmood, Member Parliament Iqbal Afridi, advisers to CM on education and on tribal districts Ziaullah Bangash and Ajmal Wazir, secretary education Arshad Khan, director eliminatory and secondary education Mohammad Ibrahim, scores of educational officials and numbers of students, teachers and tribal elites were among the participants.
It will present eight finalists during their eliminatory trials in front of a panel of judges comprised of diplomats, lawyers and theatre professionals.
Reckeweg, the inventor of homotoxicology--was on energetic dissonances in the form of metabolic toxins that needed to be treated with eliminatory medications and nosodes.
Why Garroway even incorporated this example in her chapter on child sacrifice is unclear, since she ultimately concludes it constitutes "unintentional eliminatory killing" (p.
The result is German whitewashing of the leading cause of lethal anti-Semitism in Europe: jihadi-based eliminatory anti-Semitism.
The killing of senior Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq (1990) to that of the separatist leader Abdul Gani Lone (2002), to the attempted assassination of Fazl ul Haq Qureshi, (2009) Kashmir, have all been eliminatory violence disguised as a solution.
With this delicate political background, the eliminatory rounds for the Jules Rimet World Soccer Cup (to be held in Mexico the next year) began--and during these, the national teams of El Salvador and Honduras would have to face each other in order to obtain a classification.
The only candidate who passed the eliminatory written exam was A erif Isovic, on a which a notice from the Civil Service Agency arrived, Mr.
It is important to note that an athlete can enter the water up to three times in the same competition (eliminatory, semifinal, and final events).