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or é·lit·ism  (ĭ-lē′tĭz′əm, ā-lē′-)
1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their superiority, as in intelligence, social standing, or wealth.
a. Behavior arising from or indicative of such a belief.
b. Control, rule, or domination by the members of an elite.

e·lit′ist adj. & n.


(ɪˈliːtɪzəm; eɪ-)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy)
a. the belief that society should be governed by a select group of gifted and highly educated individuals
b. such government
2. pride in or awareness of being one of an elite group
eˈlitist adj, n


(ɪˈli tɪz əm, eɪˈli-)

1. practice of or belief in rule by an elite.
2. consciousness of membership in or allegiance to a select group.
e•lit′ist, n., adj.


the attitude that government should be by those who consider themselves superior to others by virtue of intelligence, social status, or greater accomplishment.
See also: Attitudes
the belief or practice that government should be by a self-appointed group who consider themselves superior to those governed by virtue of their higher birth. — elitist, n., adj.
See also: Government
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Noun1.elitism - the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals
ideology, political orientation, political theory - an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation


[ɪˈliːtɪzəm] Nelitismo m


[ɪˈliːtɪzəm] nélitisme m


nElitedenken nt


[eɪˈliːtɪzm] nelitarismo
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The dining societies were a visual and rowdy signal of the old entrenched Oxford elitism.
If politics were all about stubbornness, pure criticism, activity in which people are appreciated by the words they utter and not by the deeds they complete, if it were the case of hypocrite elitism and if it was regarded as artificial tears which look like mother's tears, than, many politicians would be at high price and many failed careers would be still in full swing, observes MP Ilija Dimovski from VMRO-DPMNE in DNEVNIK.
This silence, Velinovska says, is the first sign of elitism and arrogance, something that makes the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE similar to the leadership of SDSM.
It said Team Scotland have a "suggestion of in-built elitism - choosing our 'best 11' based on some measure of merit such as wealth or personal connections".
Much though he is a funny and engaging guy, I think these comments reveal a fairly unpleasant, careless elitism that suggests we should somehow give up on a whole swathe of our fellow citizens," he said.
Oldfield, 36, mounted his protect against elitism by disrupting the traditional boat race featuring two of the world's most prestigious universities.
The whole deal was an affront to to the ordinary people of Rugby and demonstrates the elitism which pervades the school's attitude to us all.
It's not the elitism of our leaders that bothers people as much as the sense the PM - pictured sinking a very man-of-thepeople pint of Pedigree bitter last weekend man-of-the-- is running a "Government of chums".
And then he went on about elitism and the Boat Race, when a guy interrupted the Boat Race, and about the many ordinary folk who would never watch it.
He added: "Still waiting for someone to show me when elitism (seeing oneself above another) hasn't lead to oppression and tyranny?
And in doing so, the Cloyne report excavates the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism, the narcissism, that dominate the culture of the Vatican to this day," Kenny was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.