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1. Deviation from perfect circular or spherical form toward elliptic or ellipsoidal form.
2. The degree of this deviation.


(ɪlɪpˈtɪsɪtɪ; ˌɛl-)
(Mathematics) the degree of deviation from a circle or sphere of an elliptical or ellipsoidal shape or path, measured as the ratio of the major to the minor axes


(ɪ lɪpˈtɪs ɪ ti, ˌɛl ɪp-, ˌi lɪp-)

the degree of divergence of an ellipse from a circle.
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Noun1.ellipticity - the property possessed by a round shape that is flattened at the poles; "the oblateness of the planet"
bulginess, roundedness - the property possessed by a rounded convexity
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32] observed than bull sperm with damaged chromatin had more width and area and less ellipticity than sperm with normal chromatin.
MVG's product also has the advantage of having good cross-polar discrimination, meaning that the polarisation of any signal received by the antenna is maintained rather than introducing any ellipticity to the signal.
Key words: horizontal to vertical spectral ratio, HVSR, Baltic Virtual Seismic Network, BAVSEN, ambient seismic noise, ellipticity.
1, the hodographs of the MF represent strongly elongated ellipses, and at point 1 the coefficient of ellipticity (the ratio of the smaller semiaxis of the ellipse to the larger semiaxis) is generally zero, so that the hodograph of the vector of the MF is stretched into a vertical line.
Laser spot size (major and minor diameters and area) and ellipticity (ratio of the major to minor diameter) were measured from fundus photographs taken from all quadrants 5 minutes after the procedure.
In the above equations, the sinusoidal factor wavelength was represented as l whereasthe orientation of the normal to the parallel stripes of a Gabor functionwas represented by th, the phase offsetwas represented by Ps, s wasthe standard deviation and the spatial aspect ratio is represented as g, through which the ellipticity of the support of the Gabor function is specified.
They will also completely change the way ellipticity is considered in attosecond science and have an impact far beyond the study of chiral compounds, opening new perspectives for the resolution of the fastest dynamics occurring in polyatomic molecules and solid state physics.
On the other hand, HSA and GHSA in the presence of the additives showed more negative ellipticity values at 208 and 222 nm.
Due to the considerable ellipticity of its orbit, Mars can reach its closest approach to Earth quite a few days before or after opposition.
For LkCa 15, a weak-line T Tauri star at a distance of 140 pc, sharp elliptical contours have been observed, delimiting the nebulosity on the inside as well as the outside, consistent with the shape, size, ellipticity, and orientation of starlight reflected from the far-side disk wall, whereas the near-side wall is shielded from view by the disk's optically thick bulk.
Ellipticity values at 222 nm of 3 [micro]M HSA in the absence and the presence of 12 [micro]M 6-shogaol were recorded in the temperature range, 25-80 [degrees]C and 25-100 [degrees]C.
These size variables were then used to calculate several shape indices, including circularity, rectangularly, ellipticity, aspect ratio, and form function.