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1. Deviation from perfect circular or spherical form toward elliptic or ellipsoidal form.
2. The degree of this deviation.
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(ɪlɪpˈtɪsɪtɪ; ˌɛl-)
(Mathematics) the degree of deviation from a circle or sphere of an elliptical or ellipsoidal shape or path, measured as the ratio of the major to the minor axes
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(ɪ lɪpˈtɪs ɪ ti, ˌɛl ɪp-, ˌi lɪp-)

the degree of divergence of an ellipse from a circle.
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Noun1.ellipticity - the property possessed by a round shape that is flattened at the poles; "the oblateness of the planet"
bulginess, roundedness - the property possessed by a rounded convexity
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The main aim is graphically represent the relative principle strain ellipticity ratio on the Flinn diagram and interpret structure developed underwent this deformation conditions.
This coercivity (ellipticity) property together with a corresponding boundedness property and consistency as well as approximation results for the IgA spaces yields the corresponding a priori discretization error estimates.
This has a strong influence on the Rayleigh waves and, in particular, on the ellipticity of the particle motion with a consequent increase of the ratio between the horizontal component H and the vertical one V of ground motion [64-66].
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As shown in Figure 8, the CD spectrum of free HSA (line 1) exhibits two negative bands at 208 nm and 222 nm in the ultraviolet region, attributed to [pi]-[[pi].sup.*] transfer for the peptide bond, with a positive ellipticity at 193 nm, which is the characteristic of an [alpha]-helix structure of HSA [43].
Caption: Figure 6: CD spectra under different conditions measured from 260 nm to 190 nm and plotted as mean residue ellipticity [0] versus wavelength.
In order to detect the ellipticity of the wave's state of polarization, the reflected light wave is monitored with the help of a photoelastic modulator (PEM) (with 50 kHz modulation frequency), used as a switchable [lambda]/2 wave-plate, a second polarizer (analyzer), and finally a monochromator with a detector.
From the ellipticity condition in (10) and for [epsilon] = [lambda]/[K.sub.1][K.sub.0], we have
If we define the ellipticity as the angle 2[eta] whose tangent is the minor to major amplitude ratio of the polarization ellipse, then a plane wave, linearly polarized in origin, will present after propagating a distance z an ellipticity given by [29-31]
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Let A = A(x) be an n x n matrix of complex [L.sup.[infinity]] coefficients defined on [R.sup.n] that satisfy the ellipticity condition: