elm leaf beetle

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elm′ leaf` bee`tle

a leaf beetle, Calerucella luteola, of E North America, that feeds on the foliage of the elm.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Sexing the elm leaf beetle, Pyrrhalta luteola (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).
PEST PROBLEMS: Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease and phloem necrosis; however it can be attacked by the Elm leaf beetle.
Phloem necrosis and elm leaf beetles are severe problems.
PEST PROBLEMS: Phloem necrosis possibly, but reported resistant to Dutch Elm Disease and elm leaf beetles.
According to the Michigan State University Extension website on "home horticulture," the Siberian elm's liabilities run longer than any other list of its features: "a weak-wooded tree often sold to homeowners as a cheap `instant shade' tree; hard to eradicate once established; easy limb breakage caused by wind, ice, and snow; constant clean-up of branches; considered a trash tree; insects and diseases love this tree: elm leaf beetle, powdery mildew, cankers, aphids, leaf spot; suckers.
Townsend has also worked cooperatively with Richard Hall of Ohio State University screening elms for elm leaf beetle tolerance.
It has a V-shaped crown like the American elm but is shorter and resistant to Dutch elm disease and the elm leaf beetle.
It is quite DED-resistant but, like Homestead, has some susceptibility to the elm leaf beetle.
These insects mine the leaves of elm trees and seem to be occupying the niche of the elm leaf beetles that were a serious problem a few years ago but that have nearly disappeared in recent years.
The city had wanted to do just that to other trees planted on the right-of-way when elm leaf beetles infested the trees about two years ago.
San Diego' for Colorado potato beetles and elm leaf beetles.
Elm leaf beetles (Xanthogaleruca luteola (Mtiller)), home-invading weevils (black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Fabricius)), and strawberry root weevil (Otiorhynchus ovatus (Linnaeus)) were extremely low during 2004.