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also el·u·ant  (ĕl′yo͞o-ənt)
A substance used as a solvent in separating materials in elution.

[Latin ēluēns, ēluent-, present participle of ēluere, to wash out; see elute.]


(ˈɛljuːənt) or


(Chemistry) a solvent used for eluting
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Chromatography was executed with silica gel (60-120 mesh) using mixtures of chloroform, methanol and hexane as eluants.
The system must have inert, non-metallic peek (polyether ether ketone) fluidic or biocompatible components throughout to ensure solvent compatibility, corrosion resistance, metal contamination-free chromatography, and does not absorb or modify biomolecules or leach ions into the eluants
The column elution experiments indicated that the concentration of the eluants depends on the rate of elution.
The nature of fatty acids in the lipid extract of our study was determined by gas liquid chromatography (GLC) by comparing the relative retention time of the eluants from 'eengol" food products, with the retention time of similar fatty acids in the standard mixture of known fatty acids.
1]) and PA eluted from the column, were mixed in a mixing tee with inline check valves for both eluants installed before the mixing tee to prevent backflow.
The concentrated eluants were then fractionated by liquid chromatography using a semi-preparative aminopropyl-silane column with hexane as the mobile phase.
Ultraviolet detection of column eluants was at 235 nm, and identification was based on co-migration with standards.