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v. e·lu·ci·dat·ed, e·lu·ci·dat·ing, e·lu·ci·dates
To make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify. See Synonyms at explain.
To explain or clarify something: She gave a one-word answer and refused to elucidate any further.

[Late Latin ēlūcidāre, ēlūcidāt- : Latin ē-, ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + Latin lūcidus, bright (from lūcēre, to shine; see leuk- in Indo-European roots).]

e·lu′ci·da′tion n.
e·lu′ci·da′tive adj.
e·lu′ci·da′tor n.
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He would remain a potent elucidator of the logic of nuclear weapons as it related to British national interests throughout his tenure as permanent secretary, the highest civil service rank, at the Ministry of Defence under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and continuing until his death in 2009.
The objectives of this study were: (a) to describe the perspectives of formerly incarcerated persons and other reentry service providers about reentry issues within communities with high concentrations of probationers and parolees; (b) determine whether the Theory of Verbal Behavior provides an adequate elucidator of how the interlocking verbal behavior paradigm of reentry may be producing many of the reinforced behaviors that lead to recidivism, and (c) to determine the applied implications for behavior analysis-based prisoner reentry strategies.
This in fact seems to be the main reason Deleuze appears as Whitehead's main interlocutor and elucidator.
Lena as a distillation of the sensuality, quotidian qualities, and affective spiritualism of Caravaggio's art becomes in the closing moments of the play the only elucidator of its value.
This integration of Waters' UPLC/MS(E) data acquisition strategy with the Elucidator system's ability to characterize complex protein mixtures creates a powerhouse solution for all our proteomics customers," said Tim Riley, Vice President and Managing Director - Pharmaceutical Business Operations, Waters Division.
This donation includes ACD/SpecManager SQL, ACD/NMR Predictor Suite, ACD/Structure Elucidator, ACD/LC Sinmlator, ACD/Name to Structure, ACD/ChemFolder, and ACD/ MS Fragmenter.
At ASMS, Rosetta Biosoftware announced the release of the Rosetta Elucidator protein expression data analysis systems.
These first two impressive volumes not only achieved their objective of establishing the Stone Age cultural succession for the two regions, they determined the general field of Clark's interest for the rest of his career: he was, preeminently, a student and elucidator of Africa's Stone Age past.
That Dharmottara was an independent and original thinker rather than a faithful elucidator of Dharmakirti's theories was pointed out by Th.
Furthermore, in this intersubjective process, Gavin Stevens appears initially to have the potential to function as the interlocutory analyst, to operate according to Freud's concept of the analyst as both elucidator and the "father confessor who gives absolution,"(24) though Stevens's deficits quickly become apparent.