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The act or an instance of eluding or escaping; evasion.

[Medieval Latin ēlūsiō, ēlūsiōn-, mockery, contempt, from Latin ēlūsus, past participle of ēlūdere, to escape, mock; see elude.]


(ɪˈlu ʒən)

the act of eluding; escape or evasion.
[1540–50; < Late Latin ēlūsiō deception < Latin ēlūd(ere) (see elude)]
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Noun1.elusion - the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)
evasion - the act of physically escaping from something (an opponent or a pursuer or an unpleasant situation) by some adroit maneuver
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There was not much time, however, for thought or elusion, and she yielded as calmly as she could to the necessity of letting him overtake her.
In general, biodegradable polymers provide promising options due to their adjustable elusion characteristics and the possibilities for further modifications (8).
In this context, elusion or failure to fulfill Arab and international legitimacy represented by the resolutions of the UN Security Council pose a threat to Lebanon.
The first was the fall of the city of Qussayr, which revealed the extent of Iran's intervention via Hezbollah; the second was Washington's recognition - following a period of abstinence or elusion - of the fact that the regime used chemical weapons; and the third was the victory of moderate reformist Hasan Rohani in the presidential elections in Iran, thus turning the page on eight years spent by the conservatives in power.
Susan has over twenty-four years of experience in the Chemistry Industry and specializes in Gel Permeation; Chromatography; Temperature Rising Elusion Fractionation; Analysis of Organic Synthesis for Food Products; Formulation Chemistry; Support of Instrument Distillation with a System Solvent Recycling System; Handling Physical Testing in the Macro World; Testing Film; and Hot Pack and Heat Field Testing for Food Packaging Processing Plants.
And Birtley manager Scott Oliver is under no elusion that his side are very much the underdogs.
La evasion persiste, la elusion aumenta y los mecanismos para sortear al fisco se sofistican a un ritmo similar al que los organismos fiscalizadores dan eficiencia a sus metodos de control.
Baisley, when designing and conducting clinical trials, researchers are challenged to define in elusion and exclusion criteria "that balances the need for speed of recruitment while providing a population most likely to benefit from the therapy being researched.
The raw product was washed in a Soxhlet until complete elusion of the soluble products.
195)] (29) could be under no elusion [sic] that Dr Fergie's role was other than to act in the interests of the Ngarrindjeri women' (paras.
Grasso focuses on four authors whose writings exemplify the "moral emotionalism" behind which women both reveal and conceal their anger through a variety of literary devices: "By concealing self and information, the masked writer achieves power over her readers; by masking her message in subterfuge, elusion, irony, and shifting personas, she obscures the impropriety of her critique while conveying it simultaneously" (2002, 38).
Many ordinary people live from day to day in a society where law and order is becoming a complete and utter elusion.