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The act or an instance of eluding or escaping; evasion.

[Medieval Latin ēlūsiō, ēlūsiōn-, mockery, contempt, from Latin ēlūsus, past participle of ēlūdere, to escape, mock; see elude.]
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(ɪˈlu ʒən)

the act of eluding; escape or evasion.
[1540–50; < Late Latin ēlūsiō deception < Latin ēlūd(ere) (see elude)]
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Noun1.elusion - the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)
evasion - the act of physically escaping from something (an opponent or a pursuer or an unpleasant situation) by some adroit maneuver
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There was not much time, however, for thought or elusion, and she yielded as calmly as she could to the necessity of letting him overtake her.
soil, was something that had become an afterthought after almost a decade of elusion, said Allen, who is one of a couple hundred local veterans whose photographs adorn the walls of Mom's Snak Shak, a Creswell burger and coffee joint.
The invisible clusters, or aggregates, of vitamin E molecules form what Chauhan describes as "transport barriers" that slow down the elusion of the glaucoma medication from the lens into the eye.
Songs such as "Rainn Wilson Stopped the Drought," "Elusion" and "Ophelia" have a sharp literacy to them, along with an underlying sense of apocalyptic unease.
Cualquiera podia sacar la impresion de que eso era pensar, sentir la conmocion de que eso es filosofia, una tarea que se presentaba sin termino, inconclusa, abierta a nuevos caminos, insatisfaccion del pensamiento que propiciaba la elusion de dogmatismos o cierres y la incitacion a continuar mar adentro.
8, en forma de distribucion de la concentracion c(z, t) a lo largo de la columna (o del perfil del suelo) en diferentes momentos de tiempo y, ademas, en forma de la dinamica de elusion del plaguicida en la parte inferior de la columna c(L, t), considerando diferentes condiciones iniciales y de fronteras.
Inspired by his meeting, he wants to find Elijah much more, and finds that his savior has quite the legacy--for both helping people and elusion. A story of gratitude and sometimes the problem of looking too closely, "Elijah's Coin" is a fine novel of humanity, a strong choice indeed.
That strategy might be called elusion, and Chu certainly performs it well--whether eluding environments, categorizations, or expectations.
According to NSA and ESA, "the underground economy" derives from deliberately hidden activities by the public authorities for reasons as: the elusion of the payments owed to income tax, value added tax and other taxes, the elusion of the payments owed to social insurance contribution, respecting the legal standards/regulations and avoiding to comply to some administrative procedures.