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tr.v. e·lut·ed, e·lut·ing, e·lutes
To extract (one material) from another, usually by means of a solvent.

[From Latin ēluere, ēlūt-, to wash out : ē-, ex-, ex- + -luere, to wash; see leu(ə)- in Indo-European roots.]

e·lu′tion n.
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removal of soluble matter from a substance to be refined by washing it in water.
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Noun1.elution - the process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent to remove adsorbed material from an adsorbent (as in washing of loaded ion-exchange resins to remove captured ions); used to obtain uranium ions
extraction - the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means
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Secondly, the process of washing the SPE column after the loading and before elution processes has been effective and properly been carried out.
Standardization of Conditions for the Elution. We compared the amount of protein that could be eluted from the filter paper using different DNase-, RNase-, and protease-free PBS volumes, temperatures, and times (Figure 1).
The implant is capped with a membrane that is designed for continuous controlled drug elution into the anterior chamber.
This should meet various requirements, such as high specificity to the matrix, simple detectability, elution with low molecular substances and the possibility of N-and C-terminal fusion proteins.
The microplate is supplied with a close-fitting collection plate to recover the retained chromatins at the elution step.
In addition or alternatively, the block propylene/[alpha]-olefin interpolymer is characterized by having at least one fraction obtained by temperature rising elution fractionation, wherein the fraction has a block index greater than about 0.3 and up to about 1.0 and the propylene/[alpha]-olefin interpolymer has a molecular weight distribution, [M.sub.w/Mn], greater than about 1.4.
When used with a Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex sample processor (Figure 2), the TRAC assay offers an efficient and automated solution for target capture, washing and elution. The functionality of TRAC using KingFisher Flex sample processing has been shown in a number of applications, including molecular toxicology, gene expression-based monitoring of biotechnical processes, cell-based cancer marker gene screening, siRNA research and pathway studies.
The method was modified by increasing the trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) concentration in the elution buffer and by changing the gradient elution profile (5).
Researchers have been able to examine protein-protein interactions by determining the solubility of proteins with different buffers and their chromatographic elution, depending on their aggregation state.
Multiple surface characteristics, including hemocompatibility, lubricity, infection resistance, and/or drug elution, are achievable by applying various combinations of PhotoLink reagents.
The kit's uniform sized silica beads allow for easy resuspension of pellets with only one wash and elution step required.