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n. pl. e·lu·vi·ums or e·lu·vi·a (-vē-ə)
Residual deposits of soil, dust, and rock particles produced by the action of the wind.

[New Latin ēluvium, from Latin ēluere, to wash out; see elute.]

e·lu′vi·al (-əl) adj.


(ɪˈlu vi əl)

of or pertaining to eluviation or eluvium.
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No caso dos Espodossolos e Neossolos Quartzarenicos, os horizontes foram agrupados em tres camadas principais, a saber: superficial, a qual inclui apenas os horizontes Al; eluvial inclui os horizontes A2 (os horizontes A2 sao camadas de deplecao, lixiviados, tambem chamadas atualmente de horizontes E, eluviais; na Amazonia, estes horizontes podem variar de 20 a 200 cm (SOMBROEK, 1966)) e E, com todas as subdivisoes presentes (El, E2, E3, .
Here eluvial and possibly some primary deposits were being mined, again using hand tools.
Dark-grey soils differ by more density of humus profile, reduction of eluvial thickness and less illuvial profile part.
The other major garnet deposits - located in western Australia and southern India - are made up of eluvial garnet, which is more fine than Sudbury's solid variety.
In this profile, an eluvial morphology is evident, with clay material being translocated down the profile to yield a distinct Bt horizon.
Botswana Diamonds chairperson John Teeling has identified an objective of exploring for potential alluvial and eluvial deposits, and said: "The experience and knowledge gained in Zimbabwe will be valuable in identifying diamond prospects in the Save region .
2000) indicated that the expansive soil in the area belongs to eluvial class fissured clay.
Sydney, Australia, April 13, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Lithex Resources Limited (ASX:LTX) is pleased to announce the completion of the 25 hole RC drilling program at the Pegmatite Gully and Eluvial Gully prospects, part of the Company's Moolyella Project, located near Marble Bar, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Plummer has visited or consulted on over 200 alluvial and eluvial operations around the world, and has developed a keen sense for what equipment is necessary for efficient operations in different mining situations.