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n. pl. e·lu·vi·ums or e·lu·vi·a (-vē-ə)
Residual deposits of soil, dust, and rock particles produced by the action of the wind.

[New Latin ēluvium, from Latin ēluere, to wash out; see elute.]

e·lu′vi·al (-əl) adj.
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(ɪˈlu vi əl)

of or pertaining to eluviation or eluvium.
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The deposits which occur on the properties of Krone and Endora have been identified as a higher-grade 'Alluvial' basal deposit which is covered by a lower-grade upper 'Eluvial' deposit.
The well drained Ngaroma soil, is developed in Taupo Pumice (1800 years BP) on weathered rhyolitic and andesitic tephra, contains a loamy eluvial horizon over a sesquioxide and organic-rich horizon in the upper part.
The humus cover of mineral agricultural soils consists of humus (A) and/or raw-humus (AT) horizons, but the subsoil includes the eluvial (E) and/or illuvial (B) horizons and is underlain by soil parent material or substratum.
Under the conditions of flowage and high oxygen potential of the surface waters the washing and eluvial bleach of deposits took place (Astapov et al., 1979).
The acquired mining leases provides Pacton with the potential for immediate large scale bulk sampling of mineralization, with existing on site infrastructure including operational camp facility, the alluvial, eluvial and bedrock mining historical gold workings extend over a 10 km strike as well as access to the extensive regional knowledge and technical expertise from the Gardner Mining Team, subject to the acceptance of the TSX Venture Exchange.
The strata overlying the ore body are dolomite, shale, and quaternary eluvial alluvium.
Some closed loops (such as the non-word TYDBNYRDI or the two-word "phrase" YO ELUVIAL) actually manage to tie a knot in space.
No caso dos Espodossolos e Neossolos Quartzarenicos, os horizontes foram agrupados em tres camadas principais, a saber: superficial, a qual inclui apenas os horizontes Al; eluvial inclui os horizontes A2 (os horizontes A2 sao camadas de deplecao, lixiviados, tambem chamadas atualmente de horizontes E, eluviais; na Amazonia, estes horizontes podem variar de 20 a 200 cm (SOMBROEK, 1966)) e E, com todas as subdivisoes presentes (El, E2, E3, ...); siibsiiperficial inclui horizontes B diagnosticos (Bs, Bhs, Bh) ou apenas Cl.
Here eluvial and possibly some primary deposits were being mined, again using hand tools.
Dark-grey soils differ by more density of humus profile, reduction of eluvial thickness and less illuvial profile part.