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The lateral or downward movement of dissolved or suspended material within soil when rainfall exceeds evaporation.

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(Physical Geography) the process by which material suspended in water is removed from one layer of soil to another by the action of rainfall or chemical decomposition
[C20: from eluvium]
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(ɪˌlu viˈeɪ ʃən)

the movement through the soil of materials brought into suspension or dissolved by the action of water.
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AVTP affects soil properties by accelerating the weathering and eluviation of rocks, whereas AVPR leads to soil eluviation.
Depending on the composition of parent materials of soils (geodiversity) and water conditions in the soil covers of the studied EAs, the processes of argillization, eluviation, podzolization, gleyification and paludification are taking place (GSE 1999; Reintam 2002).
Finally, the solutes migration rule of the soil subjected to the atmosphere eluviation is revealed, and the reasonableness of the coupling model and the finite element method is proved.
Podzols of forest-tundra were sampled from all soil horizons because of the possible redistribution of organic matter due to eluviation processes.
This result is related to the Ordovician surface uplift, the overall open environment, meteoric water eluviation (Land, 1980; Rosen et al., 1989; Gasparrini et al., 2006) of widespread [delta][sup.12]C, and all [[delta].sup.16]O of atmospheric C[O.sub.3] [sup.2-]sources (Veizer et al., 1999; Azmy et al., 2009).
The predicted texture patterns can be interpreted as catena sequence, resulting from down slope eluviation of fine grain sizes initiating at the slope shoulder.
In addition, bagasse charcoal use increased N absorption for sugarcane and N accumulation in the soil, along with decreased N eluviation. Therefore, we conclude that bagasse charcoal reduces N loads in Shimajiri maji soil.
A horizon adsorption aggregate anion B horizon C horizon cation cation exchange capacity composite sample compost E horizon eluviation hardpan horizon O horizon organic matter parent material ped R horizon soil profile soil structure soil texture subsoil tilth topsoil
minerals and humus into topsoil; "E horizon," for eluviation,
What is the difference between eluviation and illuviation?
In the topsoil moder changes into raw humus (Orm) and in the sour A-horizon As eluviation begins by podzolization: AsEp (not so clearly visible in the photo).